Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:




Brought to you this week by the letter “J”

1. Jamboree: This past weekend was the opening day jamboree for little league. It was a beautiful day!

2. Juggle: Sometimes I think I should be a professional Juggler, with the many things I try to do at once. Have you ever tried, talking on the phone, cooking dinner, folding laundry, and give a spelling test?

3. Juice: I’m not a huge juice fan. I will drink apple or orange every once and awhile for breakfast. My kids love it, but are only allowed one glass a day. What a mean mommy I am right?

4. Junk: No matter how much I try, I have way to much of this in my house (at the moment my only space, my room). My kids think we need to save EVERYTHING! I like to throw most things away. I only save Magazines, containers, and anything that could be used for art, or learning. Is their really a solution for Junk??

5. Jelly: I’m really not a fan of this stick stuff. My kids could eat it all the time. Matter of fact, the girls prefer just a jelly sandwich most days. They love apple and strawberry the best.

6. Jealous: I often find that my kids are jealous of each other. They feel they need to compete to see who is better than the other, and so on. I am really frustrated with this, because in no way have I ever tried to make them feel like one is better than the other. I love them all just the way they are. We continue to work on this daily.

7. Jasmine: It is a pretty name, but a beautiful flower!

8. Jack-O-lantern: I love decorating them with my kids. The creativity is amazing, and we have such a good time. Its things like this that we do together that make those special lifetime memories.

9.  Jabber: Yup, if any of you know me at all, you know I love to talk! I will talk to random strangers. I have been this way most of my life. It may come from being an only child, and not having anyone to talk to most of the time…or maybe it is just me. Either way, my middle daughter has caught the Jabber bug too!

10. Jamaica: This is one place I think I might want to visit one day. Then again, who doesn’t want to visit a tropical island? Right?

11. January: Not really one of my favorite months…. could be cause I’m always catching up from Christmas, and its cold…

12. Japan: Now, I would diffidently love to go here someday. I love exploring new cultures… its so interesting to see how different people live from us. Don’t you think?

13. Jeans: I love wearing them. I have never been a dress girl… or even dressy… I would rather just throw on a pair of jeans any day. It might have something to do with the fact that I don’t think I am pretty enough to dress up. Another one of those issues, I need to work on. Personal growth, not easy is it?

Well there you have this weeks letter “J”

Stay tuned next week for the letter “K”

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