Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting ready for spring:


Well being in Florida there is no lack of heat in the spring/summer. So, we decided it was time to shave off Hunter’s hair again! (ok, and because he is having his school  pictures done next week) His hair is the thickest, most unmanageable hair I have ever dealt with. (including my own!!!) He has this nasty cow lick, we can’t seem to get rid of, and you can style it. Here is a before shot:

Shaggy head

Look at that fuzz they call hair! We decided to go a bit shorter this time around, cause his hair grows so fast, and it is progressively getting hotter outside. Here is the after shot:

Much better

So much better don’t you think??? He likes it cause he says its easier to wash now, and dry! :) Silly boy! He agrees it is much cooler now.

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Stinson Family said...

I agree it is easier to wash and dry. It looks great Hunter. And it is better for the hot weather there.