Sunday, December 21, 2008

I WON!!!

Well the shock has worn off, and reality has set in. I finally won a giveaway! Not just a small one either, nope my first win was rather big! I thought, I had misread the comment when I received it. It was going to be a present to the whole family.
I was going to just give it to Andy, but since he found out about it, and we discussed it...

Hunter loves the movies, and we know he is going to want to hear us read the stories to him. So we decided to give them as a family gift for all to enjoy, with no one actually claiming them as their own! Are you curious yet???

Hmmm..... OK. I won a in the trunk, hardcover, Complete set, of Harry Potter Books.

Yes, you he
ard me right... Plus the newest book that just came out.

It became more real to me yesterday when the box arrived. I'm very happy and blessed!

It means a lot to us, because Andy had the complete set minus the 7th book, all in hardcover, until the year before last, when they got
wet in the basement, while being stored. Thanks again to Rolemommy for the giveaway. You can find the link on my sidebar!

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Berry Patch said...

Congrats!!! It's exciting isn't it!!! ;-)