Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Gingerbread People have a house!

Another fun day at Lowe's... We made Gingerbread Houses today! Out of wood, of course! :)
The kids had a blast and they are by far, way cool! Plus the roof opens up so, you can store stuff in it! Even better!

Here is what we started with!

The cement makes it easier to hammer in the nails!

The all did a great job! :)


Berry Patch said...

Okay - NEXT year I am SO doing this instead of the candy one. The wall broke tonight while I was trying to put the roof on. I'm just giving all the candy to the kids & saying "have at it!" That will be SO much easier than trying to fix this thing! LOL

Martha said...

Your kids are going to be DIY when they grow up! I'm with Berry Patch on making our own ginger bread houses! We've done the small ones on milk cartons with graham crackers, but even those get messy!