Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blast from the Past.....

My mom sent me a cd with pictures on it today.. some recent some old. Among it was pictures of me from when i was younger! I normally would not show these off, but I was actually happy to see them, so enjoy a good giggle!

This was First Grade I think.... (correct me if I'm wrong mom).... My mom made me this Halloween costume, and I loved it. She used a Hula-hoop to keep the middle sticking out. :) She even made the wig.

Not sure how old I was here.... But this was taken at my old house where I grew up for the majority of my childhood. I still miss this house, although it looks reallly different now! Man can you believe I was ever that skinny & cute???

Again... How could I have ever been that skinny??


The Eagen's said...

Those pictures are priceless! You'll never catch me showing off my childhood pictures, though. I was a really bad tomboy with a bowlcut. LOL.

Beth said...

Monica - it's Beth at Role Mommy - you're the grand prize winner of the Harry Potter giveaway! Couldn't find your email address so I figured I'd comment on your blog. Please email me at with your mailing address and we'll get it to you! Thanks!

Berry Patch said...

Hey - congrats on winning! ;-)

LOVE the photos!!! I can see some of each of your kids in each photo.