Saturday, December 20, 2008

11 Countries in one day??

While Andy and I went and finished our Christmas shopping today. My in-laws took our 3 kids to Disney... Oh, very exciting for them..... and very tiring to the in-laws. They ended up going to Epcot, and walking around the world. Yup, they hit 11 countries in one day. Needless to say they were very tired.....perhaps more like exhausted! They had a wonderful time though. During their travels around the world, they got a stamp for each country they visited. Plus they learned how to write their names in a few different languages. Here is a picture of Sage's completed mask from her tour around the world! :)

Now while they were all having fun, we went to the Outlet Mall. Which was pretty impressive with around 200 stores. We of course only hit a few that we were interested in... On a good note that was easy to find....(ohhh...just wait) Then from there we headed out to go to the Florida Mall which has probably another 300 stores, roughly. I was very excited about going there, until we started on our way, and got lost, not once, but 4 times! Oh my, goodness! Tell me how such a big mall can be so hard to find?? Florida has this thing about not giving you any signs along the way to help find these sort of things. Finally, after I think close to 2hrs! We made it to they Mall. I'm glad we did, as we didn't find as good of deals, as I would have liked. However, none the less, we had a good day together (alone...which never really happens) and we got the kids some stuff we really think they will like. I can't wait to post after Christmas!

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