Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Good times with our friends!

My Best Friend and her family came from Maine to Florida this week, to spend time with us, and her family here in Florida. The kids were so excited for them to get here. They have missed them a lot, and it was nice for them to see familiar faces from back home. After anxiously awaiting to see them, we met up with them yesterday morning.

We met them at Downtown Disney.... so the kids could explore, and play with LEGO'S. I very big deal! It was so nice to walk around and hang out with them. We had a wonderful time! After that, we had lunch together, and showed them where we lived. Ashley came back and spent the night with us. We had a wonderful time with her as well. Lots of laughter, and almost some Soda out the nose! We are going to miss them terribly when they head back home.... we are very glad they decided to come see us though, they made our first Christmas here in Florida a bit easier.

Good times!

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Berry Patch said...

Have fun! I'm sure it's MUCH warmer there than here! Yeah - your all wearing shorts in those photos!!!! LOL