Monday, December 22, 2008

The Simple Women's Daybook!

Outside my window....

I am thinking.... So much to do, so little time before Christmas is here!

From my imagination.... Not much these week... Maybe some crafts for the kids to work on.

I am thankful for.... help, as it is rare, but nice to have!

From the kitchen
.. Not sure yet...better figure that out!

I am wearing..... My jean shorts, and a t-shirt.... and bare feet

I am reading.... nothing right now, but I bought the book Despereaux to read with the kids. They don't know that yet though.. Shh... its under the tree!

I am hoping
Hunter has a good vacation, and we can have some fun times, and lots of laughter!

I am creating... the last of my scrapbooking pages for Christmas!

I am hearing.... the tv, with cartoons!

Around the house
Holiday spirit, giggles, and excitement!

One of my favorite things
.... quality time with my favorite people!

A few plans for the rest of the week
Library, Spending time with Di & Family (yes they are in FLORIDA!!! IT SO MADE MY CHRISTMAS!) spending time with friends and family, wrapping gifts, scrapping, laughter and just chillin....

A picture I am

My cute nephew!

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