Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thrusday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Monica

Thirteen of my favorite Tv Show's

1. Bones
2. House
4. CSI
5. CSI Miami
6. One Tree Hill
7. Privilaged
8. 90210
9. Jon & Kate Plus 8
10. Food Network (anything on it)
11. Ugly Betty
12. Criminal Minds
13. Grey's Anatomy

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Berry Patch said...

I LOVE Bones. We've been watching it through Netflix & I'm so happy the next disc arrived today!! Yippee!

Martha said...

Most of my favorites are on your top 13 list too....
Now about Thursday Thirteen, could you help me understand a bit more - is there a topic posted every Thursday to blog about, or do you just pick it yourself? If you have a chance and could email me or leave a comment on my blog, I would really love to get involved in this!

A fellow Central Floridian!

Anonymous said...

I love Grey's! Actually, I better keep my eye on the clock or I'll miss it!