Friday, December 26, 2008

Hal,Holly & Mistole Pic's

Here are the pictures of the Reindeer that Santa left the kids under the tree. I promised pictures... I think they are so cute. The kids are eager to go back to Build-a-bear with their gift cards and get them new outfits, but I told them they had to wait until after the new year, when the people stopped crowding the stores!

Mistletoe, Holly, & Hal! :)

Hunter with Hal!

Rachel with Holly!

Sage & Mistletoe!


Martha said...

They are sweet! (The kids too!)

You should head to Downtown Disney - the Christmas Store is full of holiday stuff for 50% off!!!! We just got back!

Berry Patch said...

Those are adorable! I won a $10 gift card to Build-A-Bear so I'll be taking the boys there as soon as it arrives. I was thinking of making them share one but that would be silly so they'll each get one. They are all looking forward to it!

The Eagen's said...

Those are cute! And also good reminders of Maine, as I think they look a little like Moose. What a great gift idea!