Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going girly…


Remember back in April… Sage had to get glasses?? If not you can read about that here..

Well because she would not cooperate with some of the tests at that appointment or have her eyes dilated. She had to go back again this month for another check-up.

The reason Sage needed the glasses in the first place was cause she had a lazy eye.  (not really surprising cause I do too) After another extreme visit.. where she didn’t want to cooperate. It was determined that this eye is not really getting any better. It is still looking wherever it wants too. (Really it has a mind of its own) Nor can she even really see out of it. If the other eye is closed, she can’t tell you what she is looking at. My poor baby!

So it has been determined that she is to wear a patch over the good eye, everyday a few hrs a day. To help strengthen that eye. Since we only have about another year to fix this problem or she will always have an issue.

Needless to say the black eye patch was just not appealing to her. So we had to bling it out for her. This is the finished product!


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