Sunday, June 27, 2010

For some of you wiser homeschoolers out there:



I have a question for you….

This is my first real year… and attempt to homeschool.

While I have done my research and feel confident…

I just need some advice to find some good tips….

on scheduling?

I realize that each person is different, but looking

to see what has worked well for others.

I need a form, if you know where you can find one.. or

something like that.

I like to be organized… so I’m struggling right now with

the “wing it method”. LOL!

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!


D said...

Have you heard of Sue Patrick's Workboxes? It is not a scheduler but it is an organizer system for the kids work. That is what we use for Tyler because it helps him see what needs to be done. Google it, but if you are interested I can show you next week.

I also do have a couple organizers you can take a look at. I am sure there might be some schedules out there on the web somewhere, but nothing comes to mind at the moment.

Berry Patch said...

I 2nd Sue Patrick. You may also want to check out Donna Young.
There are a gazillion and 1 forms on her site ALL for free. Got to love free.
I use a modified workbox system. E-mail me any questions you have. I love to help! :-)