Thursday, June 3, 2010

What our week has been like thus far….




Interesting to say the least….

Having Monday off threw us off a bit. We didn’t really do anything special as, daddy had to work. The kids and I hung out at home..rather a boring day. We have decided that starting next year, we are going to come up with our own Memorial Day tradition. So, we are not just sitting here… bored, and missing our family up north. Since, we really tend to dwell on that some times.

At the end of the day Monday I told the oldest monkey it was time to cut his hair… He hates to have his hair cut… Getting better about it, but still sometimes a pain. His hair grows so fast its nuts! He is the HAIRY one of the family.. I always joke with him. For the summer, being so hot here… we usually shave it right off… Check out what he wanted it to look like!


See how thick his hair is?? Yup crazy he is! I told him over my dead body would he get a Mohawk! (May I add daddy was not helping me out much) I did win, and the rest was shaved off…. Looks much better now!


Tuesday was  Rachel’s  Recital Rehearsal. Can I just say total CHAOS!!! Oh my, it was nuts! I sat in my car, in 90 degree heat for 2 hrs waiting for her to be done! It was torture!

Wednesday my son came home from school, and he was just not feeling good. He had a headache… and was very tired. So he ended up going to sleep as soon as he got home…. we woke him up for dinner, and then he fell back asleep while I was reading to him.

Today… Can we not get one week in this last month that one of my kids stays home sick from school?? Just one week!!!

He is feeling a bit better today… but still not feeling great. Headache still and blah. We

decided to let him stay home to rest, so he could be present for his big school party tomorrow. We are hoping to shake this! Wish us luck!

Now we embark on the weekend… it will be a crazy weekend of hair, dresses, photo’s and shoes!

Recital weekend, which means more chaos, and craziness. I just hope she doesn’t get nervous and enjoys herself. I’m so proud of her!

Photo’s to come next week!!!




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