Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Intro to some summer fun:



With the end of school nearing… (ok, its tomorrow) I decided that we needed to do some fun stuff when they got home at night. To celebrate not having homework, and having such a successful year.

I love to just do random things with my kids. It has been so refreshing that they are really starting to come into their age. Meaning that the fighting is starting to calm down, and they are listening a bit better. Getting that when we listen and cooperate, we can do more stuff. I get so excited that they can do that now… I get to enjoy my time with them, instead of screaming like a chicken with my head cut off!

Ok, getting to my point. Sorry… I like to go off on tangents. :)

Last night we decided to do a pre summer activity to gear us up for what we had to come! We made Banana Boats…. Since our first time having them at Scouting events, my family has fallen in love with them!!!

Here are some pictures of our night:

Banana Boat College

We are excited for our summer to begin… We are hoping to have a great summer! Full of lots of FUN!

What are you doing for the summer??

If you go HERE you can read about some of our plans.

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