Monday, June 21, 2010

Critical Mind Benders Review



I was so excited to try this product out! I have been looking at buying some for a few months now…but wasn’t sure whether my son would do well with them.

They have them in many different age groups. We reviewed the Level 1-2. My son was so excited to get to try it out. He was pretty good at them too! I was excited to see him learning, and having so much fun! We did some together to, which really made him happy as well.


Critical Thinking Mind Benders are a great way to strengthen the mind during the summer. Fun, but educational for those children that don’t like the prospect of learning during the summer.

They even offer free pintables', if you want to try out some stuff before you buy them.  Which you can find on my Right Side Bar.

Currently Critical Thinking Mind Benders is hosting a Critical Thinking Moments Video Contest where you can win a “Years supply of educational product” (valued at $500).

You can also Nominate a Hero… that makes a difference in your life. The official rules are HERE. Nominations need to be in by Feb 15,2011 and the winner will be chosen by June 2011.

I suggest trying these today! You can get a book for $9.99! Great price, and a great learning tool!

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*This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Critical Thinking for this review."

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