Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wiglington & Wenks Review



Need something for those rainy days that your kids are stuck inside to keep them busy??

I don’t let my kids play on the internet often, but they are allowed to play on a few sites, we have looked at and are comfortable with. Under strict supervision I assure you!!!

Wiglington & Wenks is the same. Its a Virtrual world for kids to go and play in. You pick a character and design what color hair and such that you want.


My son thought this game was cool. He enjoyed playing the mini games and just going around the worlds. His favorite part of this game is learning about history! He loves history. I love that it throws in education.  I don’t know if it would be one he would play often enough to warrant the $5.99 a month fee though.


Here are some of the things the company has to say about the game:

  • The virtual world was launched in Christmas Eve 2009 and has already gotten over 110,000 registrants from 150 countries
  • Wiglington and Wenks is more massive than any other virtual worlds for kids to date - covering at present 50 over scenes and increasing to almost 200 over the next few month
  • "Wiglington and Wenks is so much more than your standard virtual world, it has a rich story line with well developed characters, plot, mystery, and quests.  Students are dropped into the story and invited to participate, learning through exploration, problem solving, and critical thinking." - Winner of the Edublog Award 2009 (http://ilearntechno logy.com/ ?p=1802)
  • The virtual world features famous historical characters like Beethoven, Einstein, Edison, Wright Brothers, Abraham Lincoln, Emperor Qin, Gandhi, Darwin just to name a few. The players are given the task of looking for items related to these famous historical characters so that they can recover their memories.
  • Games are educational yet fun. Reviews given by kids usually say that Wiglington and Wenks teaches them a lot about history without them feeling bored.

As a parent.. I like to see my kid play something educational as opposed to mindless games. I felt this was a safe place for them. They are not allowed to use their real names, so they are not giving any information out. Plus it is fairly cheap!

*"This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by:Wiglington & Wenks for this review."

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