Sunday, June 6, 2010

Recital Weekend is finally here…..



Wow! Is all I really have to say. It was a whirlwind of a weekend…oh my!

This was Rachel’s first Dance Recital. So, I was really nervous that she would get up on the stage and be frozen in fear.

Saturday we went to the Theatre where they were going to be performing to get in a few hours rehearsal in the morning. Other than getting up at the CRACK OF DAWN! It was not bad.

When I picked her up she was beyond excited. Mommy “their are mirrors all over the walls with lights in my dressing room” was her biggest thing to tell me!


To wind down from rehearsal, we came home and got the rest of the family and headed to the local pool. What a great idea that was, got out their energy, cooled them off, and made them tired!!! Plus they ran into friends and played with them…while us mothers (and my husband) chatted. Win, Win!!!

Today was the BIG day! We got up early this morning, and headed to a friends house, to have her hair and make-up done.


Then went to the theatre where we had to be 2 hours early… so while waiting for it to start after we dropped her off, we went to a local hotel and got some breakfast… and played for a bit on the DS.

Show started at noon, and we found our seat… I must say, I think I picked rather good ones! Close, but yet not to close, and perfect for where she was on the stage!

Remember I was saying about the fear, being her first recital?? I was so WRONG! She went out there and had such confidence! I was such a proud parent… it brought a tear to my eye. She was beaming from ear to ear! She remembered the whole dance and did it so well. Her whole class did amazing for first years!!!! (We were not allowed to take photo’s or video’s or there would be one)

This really showed me how much she learned this year, and how much she LOVES dance! I am again so proud of her!





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Tara said...

Isn't so much fun to watch your little up on stage! It's so much fun watching them have to much fun. Glad Rachel's first recital went so well!