Wednesday, June 16, 2010

At the darnest times




my kids come up with the most educational or serious conversations. Mostly seems to be in the car… which is even weirder!

Like last night at 10pm, when they were half asleep… and they wanted to talk about Satan. Now before you get all worried, they had been talking about him earlier in the day. They have been going to Music Arts Camp at our local church. In their puppetry class they learn about the different characters from the bible.

Well my son played the part of Satan and was very upset about this. He couldn’t really give me a reason why… so we just discussed that puppetry is a form of performing arts. Therefore he was just pretending to be a character, it wasn’t that anyone thought he was bad, or had the same traits. I told him as long as he learns from the lessons they are teaching him, and knows the difference from right and wrong… he will be nothing like Satan.

I just find it really funny, that our serious conversations seem to be in the car.

Our other favorite topic’s are the planets lately. We love to have our science class in the car. We know lots about the planets, and space.

I love their excitement for knowledge!


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