Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:




Well I managed to get the letter “Q” out there…. This week we have the letter “R”

1. Rude: Is it me or are people becoming worse over the years??? I’m so horrified by some of the kids I see and how they behave in such a rude manor. Do parents not demand respect anymore?

2. Radishes: I have never really cared for them. I don’t eat them often, and usually request not to have them on a salad. Do you like Radishes?

3. Random: I am probably one of the most random people you will ever meet. I will start on one thing and move to the next at the blink of an eye. I’m not sure why I am this way, but it has become part of me now. My daughters are following in my foot steps!

4. Roots: Do you like to explore your roots?? Or more accurately where you come from? I love to look back at my ancestors to see where they came from or what I learned something from. I find it very fascinating…

5. Rubber: Rubber is so bad for our environment, yet if you look around it is one of the most used. I do find it interesting how one came up with the concept of a bouncy ball made out of rubber. Do you think the person was highly bored outside one day???

6. Real: How many “Real” people are there anymore?? Does anyone believe in who they are enough to tell the truth, or has the society driven people into being “Fake” to fit in?? A few months back I found myself not lying to people, but not being “Real” to myself. I didn’t know who I was anymore our who I wanted to be… I’m still trying to find my way back. Do you ever feel this way?

7. Rug: I’m not a huge fan of Rugs if you have animals, or a dirt driveway! LOL! It is such a pain to clean and keep clean. I feel like I vacuum a few times a day! Who has time for that??? Do you prefer Hardwood floors or Rugs?

8. Refuse: Oh my…. My kids refuse to do so much lately… Drives me Looney! I don’t like this word very much.

9. Rocks: My son loves to collect white rocks. I still don’t understand what is so fascinating to him about them. I find some rocks to be interesting, so I don’t discourage him in his pursuit!

10. Rats: For such a filthy creature, that everyone wants to keep out of their house… do you notice there are numerous people who have them as pets?? I really don’t think I could have one as a pet…… How about you???

11. Rachel: A beautiful name, I do say. My middle daughter’s name actually, and my mothers middle name. I do think that with this name comes a huge mount of stubbornness! (however I might be a bit basis)

12. Rainbow: Have you ever really seen anything more beautiful?? It is one of the wonders of the world that I truly adore. There is nothing better than to watch a bright rainbow after a quick rain. I love it! I do often wonder if their could be a pot of gold at the end! But would you really want to fight a little green guy for it??? 

13. Rabbit: I used to have a dwarf rabbit when I was younger. He was a cute gray one… and we used to let him out of the cage every once and awhile. He would do flips and jumps to entertain us. He was a cool little guy. He wasn’t like a regular rabbit though, he didn’t like carrots. Nope he was more of a Ritz Cracker kind guy. No joke!

Well there you have the letter “R”
Stay tuned next week for the letter “S”

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Martha (FL) said...

Great list of "R". We had a pet rabbit too! Jessie! She was cute. Florida is such a great place to see rainbows with all of the afternoon showers (which we so desperately need right now!)