Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jamboree on the Trail!


Saturday was Jamboree on the Trail. Where the Boy Scouts tried to get all Boy Scouts around the world to go on a hike… It was a big event around the world. Which we thought was pretty cool. Of course our family participated.

Another sign

There was a really decent turn out for your district. Probably close to if not over 100 scouts. Its nice to see some many families involved in these kids of activities. I love to see such things encourage family bonding! 

all the scoutisme patches around the world

Here are the Scoutisme badges from around the world. The one that I remember standing out the most was the Giraffe when that was from Taniza that Hunter pointed out.

A spoonbill Bird

Here is a Spoonbill bird that we found on the Eagle Trail we hiked. Yes, it was called Eagle Trail because there are bald eagles found along it. Unfortunately, it flew off right before we got to it. We where hoping to get a picture.

Hunter on Otter Trail

Hunter along Otter Trail. You know it amazes me how it is so beautiful in these state parks. Yet, like this one, the city and airport where only around the corner!

Crab near the Salt Marsh

Here is one of the many crabs we saw along the Salt Marshes! The kids thought they were so cool. We even saw one with a little fish in its mouth.

We had a great time… the kids learned about Coral Snakes, different kinds of birds, and Maps & Compasses! It was a wonderful event!


Berry Patch said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Fun!

Martha (FL) said...

Sounds like fun. Saturday was a scorcher though to be hiking!