Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:




This weeks letter is “T”

1. Trouble: Seems to be the word of the house! My kids are constantly in trouble… fighting with each other, driving me up a wall!

2. Talk: I love to talk… and if you know me than you know this already. I will talk to people online for hours, or even on the phone. My record was talking on the phone straight for 8hrs. Yup, its true. If I can’t talk, then I will text. I’m addicted to talking! HELP!

3. Trash: Never been one of my favorite chores… now that my son is old enough, I have him do it. It is so weird that the old saying “one persons trash is another man’s treasure” can be so true. Its amazing what people will throw away!

4. Tinkerbell: A cute Disney movie, and also my daughters favorite character. She was so excited when we finally got to meet her. We are now reading the books. We just finished the first one.

5. Time: Why does no one other than yourself ever think your time is worth something?  I like to use my time wisely, though not always an easy task.. Never seems to be enough time to go around though does it?

6. Tomato: One of my favorite vegetables…ok fruit. (however you look at it) Though if I eat to many at once I get cankers. I do love tomatoes though! Especially fresh picked!

7. Turkey: My new friend.. I have been putting ground turkey in place of hamburger. I also enjoy a good turkey…but I like the dark meat best!

8. TV: I like to watch shows… and i think that a good movie now and again is nice. However, I hate that my children think that life needs to revolve around TV. I don’t let them watch much of it… So many better things you could be doing. What are your favorite things to do other than watch TV?

9. Turtle: I think turtles are the coolest. I love to learn about them. I think they are also cute. Well some anyway..snapping ones not so much! Hunter and I enjoying learning about the different kinds.

10. Tadpoles: Do you remember catching tadpoles as a kid, and watching them grow into frogs? I haven’t had the opportunity to do it with my kids yet, but can’t wait. I think it is cool, to watch the transformation.

11. Team: Its so hard to teach your kids the concept of a team sometimes… I think Hunter finally understood it better after this Baseball season… when he realized what he did affected them to, in some way. I think that team work is a vital piece to teach our children, just not always the easiest.

12. Teach: Speaking of TEACH. I think that teachers are not given enough credit anymore. (well some of them) I think they have a very difficult job in our society now. Parents are slowing not becoming involved anymore, and they are left to pick up the pieces. I think that teaching a child is the most gratifying job. I enjoy doing what small part I do with my kids everyday!

13. Thirteen: A nice number, though many are superstitious of it. Are you superstitious? I’m not… I think that 13 has just as much potential as any other number. What is your favorite number? or do you have one?

There you have this weeks letter…. Stay tuned for next weeks letter “U”   

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