Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Book Basket:

This week’s Book Basket is full of new adventures…

  • Big day on the river by Sarah Wilson: this was an ok book, but didn’t really keep the interest of my children.
  • Armadily Chili by Helen Ketleman: this was a very cute book and my kids loved it. I think the name was the best part for them. It also taught them that sharing was important. Great for kids 3-6 we think!
  • Princess K.I.M. & the lie that grew by Maryann Cocoa-Leffler: My girls loved this book. It was a great book to teach how one little lie can turn into a huge one. Good lesson!
  • Big Kicks by Bob Kolar: this particular book taught the kids how being different isn’t a bad thing… very cute book about a bear and a soccer team.
  • Maggie’s Monkey’s by Linda Sanders Wells: very cute book about a imaginary monkey in a refrigerator. My girls again really loved this book, cause it was cute. But also taught them to use their imagination! Good for kids 3-6yrs old.

We will not be posting next I am going on a short vacation next Thursday so we are not getting any books from the library for a couple weeks.
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