Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer is almost here…


Doesn’t that mean we should be less busy, as things come to an end??? Not always the case is it? What is your family doing for the summer any big plans?

Hunter is out of school on June 3rd. Wow, may I say the school year has just flown by! On June 4th him and I are flying to Maine. He is going to be spending the summer with Grandma (my mother). Hunter of course is beyond excited! I’m happy for him, cause I know he really misses them, but sad to think I will be almost 11 weeks without my little man, helper, and buddy. I will be staying in Maine for a mere 4 days..not nearly long enough. It will fly by, as I have a graduation, and birthday parties to attend.

Now with one less kid, you would think I would have it golden right?? Well…. for anyone who knows me. They know how much I have to keep busy, so that really is not the case. The weekend I get back, I have a Boyscout event to chaperon, cause I am a Den Mother…(even though Hunter is away) Then the following week the girls are going to a Musical and Art Summer Camp, and the following week Rachel starts her dance class for 5 weeks this summer. We have weekly trips to the library..may be summer, but that doesn’t mean we don’t read! Plus somewhere in there Rachel is starting Girl Scouts. Then in August we are driving back to pick up Hunter and visit for a few days! When we get back it will be time for Hunter to start 2nd grade, and Rachel will be starting Kindergarten!

That is just all stuff the kids have over the summer. I didn’t mention the planning meetings for next years Boy Scouts that have to get done, or the training for my Girl Scout Leadership. Yup, I have homework this summer too!

Of course we will fit in plenty of fun days too…but that is just a taste of our summer. Doesn’t seem like much less to do does it?? How is your summer looking?? Are you prepared for those “Mommy I’m bored questions yet?” Trust me even being this busy their will be some of those questions floating around our house!

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