Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Thirteen:




Last week was the Letter “R”
This week I bring you the letter “S”

1. Scream: Some days this is all I really feel like I do. My ears start to hurt from listening to it all. I just keep telling myself one day, life will calm down, and children will listen. :)

2. Squash:  I really like this vegetable. My favorite squash is Buttercup, but we can not find them to buy in the stores here in FL. So we have been eating more Butternut squash…which has become my son’s favorite.

3. Silly: I love having silly days with my kids. Life is so much more fun when you can just stop and be silly. Makes the days go by faster too!

4. Serious: I think that we all take life a bit to serious sometimes… we wander why children are so happy and carefree… its because they can turn anything into a silly moment. Does it really hurt us to stop from the serious parts of life and laugh a little?

5. Sulking: Nothing I hate worse than kids who sulk. Oh my, it is a constant in our house some days. Good gravy… Its almost as bad as whining….

6. Smile: Smiles, are a wonderful thing. Do you ever notice that you can be having the worse day, on the verge of a meltdown and tears, and your child can look at you and smile, and it turns it all around! Its amazing how a smile can have so much power isn’t it?

7. Sage: Its a wonderful spice that I use, but its also a great name. I named my youngest daughter this, and at the time you barely ever heard it. Heck, I even had some people look at me weird…. I thought it was cute, and different. Now, it has become a very well used name.

8. Siblings: I don’t have any siblings. Well except for a step sister that I never see, or has anything to do with me. I often get very confused by the fights and jealousy my kids share over their siblings, cause I never had to feel that way. Do they ever start to get along???

9. Sister: As I stated above, I don’t have any biologically related to me.. but like a parent, blood isn’t what makes someone related to you. I have friends that I consider sisters, cause our bonds are just as strong as ones that would be blood related. I am very thankful and grateful for those relationships.

10. Snickers: One of my favorite kinds of candy bar. Yum… Now I want one for a snack! :)

11. Scouts: I am a leader for both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. I love doing both. As I think shaping our young people into great citizens is very highly over looked these days. What happened to doing community service cause you wanted to help people out, not cause you got in trouble with the law??? I wish that more people got involved!

12. States: I have lived in 3 different states in my life. Maine, South Carolina, and Florida. My goal is to someday visit all 50 states. I think it is wonderful to learn the history of each one, and see what makes them unique.

13. Snow: I’m not a huge fan of snow. That is why Florida was a good pick for our new home. However, my favorite activity with snow is making Snowmen… The kids and I enjoyed doing this a lot. We also liked sledding. I always wanted to learn to ski, but I would kill myself I’m sure!

Well, there you have the Letter “S”
Next week will be the letter “T” ….. Should be just as easy… Join me again next Thursday!

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Momma Rae and the Deputy said...

hi . I just wanted to say HI. Im a tampa girl too. living in Riverview :) nice to meet fellow bloggers from teh area :) The ice cream trip you had looked GOOD.