Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Its the BIG 30!


Yup, I turn 30 today! So hard to believe really. Seems like only yesterday I was graduating from high school, getting married, or having my kids… and here I am 12 years later from all that. WOW!
I thought 30 was going to be tuff. I know, silly…but to me age has always been a big deal. Had a really hard time with 25, why you ask??? Well…. cause to me, it was crossing over that bridge, that made you no longer a adolescent… (most kids are out of college by then) and you were old enough to be a responsible adult! Not that I had a problem with any of that cause I already had 3 kids! I made it through ok though.
I had a relatively good birthday.. and appreciate my in-laws who really tried to make it very special for me. I missed my mom, a lot today and my best friends. I’m happy that I kinda get a late birthday present by going up to Maine in a week and seeing them. A definite plus! My MIL made me a birthday dinner of Steak, mashed potatoes and green beans! It was delicious! Then they got me this really good Chocolate cake, with chocolate whipped frosting, and topped with chocolate covered strawberries! My FIL decided to get me good with trick candles… it took awhile to blow them out! Here is a few snap shots of the evening!

My 30th Birhtday cake 
My cake!

The kids!

The kids enjoying the cake! :)


Tara said...

Cake looks great... sounds really yummy.

Berry Patch said...

I also had a much harder time with 25 for some reason. Oh well. LOL I'm staring 40 in the face so I'm not complaining any more!!! ;-) It sounds like you had a great day.