Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How my week started out:


busy, very busy… after a week of vacation, and sickness… I had put a lot of stuff off. (note to self: Not a good idea) After a morning of blog skimming, and email reviewing and returning. I rested with Sage, since I still wasn’t feeling 100%. Waited for the kids to get home from school, and prepared to head off to drop Rachel at dance.

From there, I had to run to Target and drop off prescriptions…. and pick up Andy from work. On my way home, my car started shaking a bit, and it was not normal. My car is a bit out of alignment (on my list of things to get done ASAP, when the money fairy appears) Close to home, I asked Andy to look and see if the tire was really low in air pressure cause it was just not acting right. He said it was fine, so we went on…. Over the railroad tracks, and BOOM! My car makes this horrible noise and all I could here was WHACK, WHACK! I pulled over and just said only my luck!! This was my spare on there already, since my original tire was very worn. Was hoping this one would get me thru the month…at least until after Christmas when I could afford to replace all 4 tires and get an alignment. I crept home, cause I was only a block away… going less than 5 miles per hour. (Note: the tire wasn’t flat, so I knew it wouldn’t bend the rim)

I got home to see this:

My tire

So needless to say my first trip out on Tuesday after dropping the kids off at school, and Andy off at work, was to Wal-Mart for 2 new tires! Next an alignment. Why do these things always happen right before Christmas???

Oh, and something cute Sage said… We were on our way to get tires, and she says to me… No, we need Grandpa Ray for that. (my dad is a mechanic, and he always fixed our cars in Maine) We miss him dearly! I thought it was cute and funny that she remembered that he usually helps us.

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Berry Patch said...

So glad you are all okay! So sorry that you had to get two new tires at this time of year!