Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday fun:


The Glitter, Glisten, and Shine Festival has now officially become one of our Christmas traditions. Since coming to Florida, a few of our traditions have been lost, and new ones gained, or being developed. I mean after all Traditions are the best part of Christmas right??? 

The kids love this festival for many reasons, but the biggest being that there is a big pile of SNOW to play in. After all how many places in FL do you know of to play in snow? With this being said it is also the biggest attraction for all these kids!

Glitter,Glisten,Shine Collage

Along with the snow they have schools that come in and do caroling, and some skits. Which are very cute… along with a couple of dance schools in the area. Always a joy to watch. Plus they have crafts for the kids, cookie decorating, hot chocolate, sleigh rides, and of course SANTA! Best part of all??? Almost all of it is free! How can you go wrong???

This year it was a cold day, but prefect for the kids to get a chance to use their gloves. Before we were through it started to rain, so we left a bit early…but we came home to have hot cocoa, cookies, and watched a Christmas movie with our friends. We were so happy to have our friends join us this year, and hope that this also can be a part of our tradition!

What are some of your favorite traditions?


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