Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Cub Scout Dinner:


This year our pack decided to do a Dinner for the December meeting… which turned out great I think. They made Lasagna, Salad, and garlic bread. Does it get any better than that?? The Tigers, and Wolves, brought drinks, and the Bears, and Weebloo’s brought dessert. One of our den leaders did a fantastic job getting it all put together!

During this meeting the boys got their newest awards. Hunter got another belt loop. and bead towards earning his Wolf Badge. He also got a patch for going to the Tribal Nations Camping Trip, and for selling popcorn, along with his prize a wind up flash light. He loves it!! He also wants to thank our friends and family again that ordered popcorn from him!!! He also got his pinewood derby car, and we got one for each of the girls, cause they are having a sibling race this year. We will talk more about that when we are in January!

It was a great night, and a nice start to the holiday season!

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