Tuesday, December 8, 2009

AuqaFresh IsoActive Toothpaste:


isoactive toothpaste


I recently had the oppurtunity to try the new AuqaFresh IsoActive Toothpaste from SheSpeaks. I was not really sure what to expect at first. I’m very picky about my toothpaste. Some might even say ridiculously picky… I have to have the right taste, after taste, and feel. I want something that is going to work, taste good and not leave me with a gross taste in my mouth for hours. AuqaFresh IsoActive did all that and more! I was blown away. The taste was average but likeable, it left my mouth feeling minty fresh, and clean…very clean! I also was so happy with the container. How many of you can’t stand the toothpaste being all over the cover or down the side of the tube?? I know, I can’t!!! This was easy to use, and no MESS! Even my kids could use it without making a mess. It was WONDERFUL! Plus for a good toothpaste, its not really any more expensive compared to others out there. It runs about 3.50 a tube.

AquaFresh IsoActive removes three times the bacteria as your leading brand, and it whitens. It foams to get more between the teeth where more cavities form because it is often forgotten. Go to AquaFresh for more info on this toothpaste, and a dollar off coupon!!!!

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