Monday, December 7, 2009

Simple Woman’s Daybook:

For Today December 7th, 2009

Outside my window:…… it is cold and damp… we have a had a few days of rain.

I am thinking…… Wow, the last couple months have flown by! Where is the time going?

From my imagination….. A few small Christmas crafts for the kids… we usually do a couple every year. Kinda  tradition I guess.

I am thankful for….. Being pretty much done with my Christmas shopping. Just a few stocking stuffers, and two gifts left to get. YAY!

From the kitchen... Not sure, a stew is sounding really good though!

I am wearing….. this may come as a shock, but pants, and a sweatshirt… with socks! I’m so cold! The dampness is settling in my bones!

I am reading….. True Blue still… bit slow this week.

I am hoping….. for a fabulous holiday season, full of cheer… so far pretty good. We are getting in the spirit, and I love that!

I am creating….  Some Christmas cheer!!!

I am hearing.... Sage talking to herself in her room… the kids are off to school, and all is quiet! 

One of my favorite things….. Christmas lights, I love the joy and laughter they bring to my kids, and what just seeing them can do to lift your spirit. Amazing it is!

A few plans for the rest of the week…. grocery shopping, dance, girl scout awards and holiday party tonight, library, play date for Sage, Cub Scouts, reading, relaxing, and some holiday fun towards the end of the week!  

A picture I am sharing…… our Lego Advent Calendar, the kids are absolutely loving this… I got a pretty good deal on it… it has a new Lego for each day til Christmas. So far they have gotten a snowman, sled, bench, lamp post, boy with snowballs, and a skater.

Picture 004

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