Friday, December 28, 2012



Now that the crazy aftermath of Christmas is done.. I can blog about it! Lol.. It was probably one of the best Christmas’s we have had in awhile (except that I just wasn’t feeling the greatest).


For the first time in 5 yrs hubby was off for Christmas Eve.. That made an incredible difference. The day was filled with laughing, playing, eating, and just plain enjoying each others company. We played some board games, toys, and watched a few movies. With true Monkey Tradition we opened our Christmas Eve gift of Pj’s.. and put them on before reading our Christmas Story. We have been doing this tradition since Monkey man was a baby. This year we read “The Christmas Train” by Thomas Monson. It was good, and gave the kids a good thing to think about.


Hubby and I had some last minute presents to wrap, that we had lost and then found again! (Does that ever happen to you?)

On Christmas Morning the monkey’s were up way earlier than normal. I usually have to wake them up, I guess this year they were super excited! So we got up at 6am, popped in the French toast bake, I had made the night before into the oven. While it was baking we opened presents..




I couldn’t wait for Middle Monkey to see her Santa present. She has been asking for it for 3 yrs now. Can you believe she was SPEACHLESS? Oh, and her other favorite gift was the matching outfit for her and her doll. Aren’t they cute?







Next up was Little Monkey… She wanted nothing more than Lala Loopsy’s for Christmas this year. I had never heard of them, until a month ago when she started asking for them for Christmas. She got a big one, a Lala Loopsy Little, and a few tiny ones. She was so EXCITED!









Monkey Man didn’t really know what to ask for this year. His list was very light, so he got some Lego’s, a Lego Game, Lego Wii game (are you sensing a pattern here) and the newest book in the series he was reading. (Books are always at the top of his list)







Mommy and Daddy don’t usually have a lot of money left over to get presents for each other… so we just get a small gift from the kids. Then in a month or so when we can save up some money we get something big for each other.





As tradition that we started a few years ago.. (None of us liked being stuck in the kitchen all day to cook and clean… so we couldn’t enjoy Christmas.. That we started having Ham Italians for Christmas Lunch/Dinner) We enjoyed lunch, and played a few games. Then we headed to hubby’s brothers for Christmas Dinner this year. That was nice to catch up with everyone, and enjoy each others company. The kids showed off a few of their presents and had a great time.





We really couldn’t have asked for a better day. Did you enjoy your Christmas? What was your favorite gift?

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