Sunday, December 2, 2012

Portable North Pole Review:



Happy Holidays!!! Yup, they have officially started. With the start of the Holidays, I know that if your anything like me you are telling your kids if you don’t be good Santa will not be coming.. Or you will be on the naughty list! I’m so guilty of doing this!


I don’t know if you have heard of Portable North Pole or not, but it is a super cool website. You can visit it, and get a video made and sent to your child via email, or portable device. They just ask a few questions, to make it a bit more authentic. Then within an hour or so they send a link of your video to your email. You can get all of this for FREE!


Then there is the PNP Premium Video with this you get a bit more stuff such as Santa riding is sleigh in the video. A personalized Christmas Carol, a peek at Santa’s magical periscope, and more! This one only costs $3.99 and 5% goes to the Children’s Hospital.


You can also get a personalized letter from Santa with a sprinkle of Christmas Magic. It comes in Red or Green printed in color on a soft double-sided good quality paper. All this for $19.99.


There are a few more options as well. Plus they offer things like a phone call from Santa, a letter from Santa, Bundles with a letter, call, nice list, and video from Santa. So many options its hard to choose. Coming soon they are going to be offering personalized Christmas Carols, and Ringtones. Along with a Mobile App.


Bet those elves are very busy right now!


Great way to boost the spirit of Christmas in your home!

We got the Premium Video for Middle Monkey. The look on her faces was priceless when she figured out that Santa had sent her a video. It was very authentic looking if you are a child between 0-10… My almost 11yr old, knew it was not the real Santa, but played along for his sisters. Santa did a small introduction with a song specifically for Middle Monkey, and then went into what she needed to work on. Then he took her on a tour of his workshop, and a quick sleigh ride! It was super cute, I would totally recommend it to anyone!


The other two monkeys got the regular video, and they to where in shock to get a video from Santa. It was awesome to watch! This is an amazing experience for all three of them! We will definitely be doing this again next year.



You can find Portable North Pole on Facebook and Twitter too!



*I was given a code for a free premium video experience in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% mine or my monkey’s!

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