Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas is on its way…



The Holiday’s are in full swing at this house… what about yours?


We have been baking up a storm.. we made cinnamon buns, peanut butter fudge, smore’s bark, cookies and cream bark, buck eye bark, and jars of hot cocoa! Now, I need to make my goodie bags up, and send them on their Merry way!

Cooking was kinda stressful this year, not really sure why. I think I’ve just been in this funk lately, and its taking its toll on me. December is a hard month, no matter how excited I get, because of the lack of sun. Does anyone else have this problem?


Then there is wrapping! Holy Moly, do we have wrapping! I did all the presents for our friends and family first. The kids helped me out with those. Then the kids wrapped their presents for each other up. That left me a stack of just theirs.. but might I add that took me almost 3 hrs to finish the other night! It is done though! PHEW!!!


At our last 4H meeting we made some holiday treats to sale at local bake sale that weekend. The kids had so much fun baking, and did a great job! Check out some of the things we made…..












This week has been super challenging since it has been snowing almost non-stop for like 4 days! The local schools have missed a few days, and we have been stuck in the house. That certainly takes its toll. The kids played outside for a good chunk of the days though.. sledding, building snowman, shoveling, and I even joined them for a few snowball fights! I must say Monkey Man has one heck of an aim! He got me A LOT! It was fun though!


I have certainly drove my family insane with the Christmas Movies.. I love Christmas movies, so as soon as December 1st hits we start watching them. We have a few, and I find lots on Netflix.


I was impatiently waiting for one more package to arrive, and was starting to stress. What was it you ask? Well, I can tell you. Since my kids were little we have had a tradition of picking out a new Christmas book every year and reading it on Christmas Eve after they got in their new PJ’s.  This is one of my favorite traditions we have. Then each year, I take out the books we have gotten in past years, and they read them through December. This year, we were a bit late finding that special story, so I was anxiously awaiting our package to arrive. It came yesterday finally! Phew, that was a big sigh of relief. I can’t wait to read it!


Let’s see… what else have we been up to? Nothing that I can think of… Other than getting ready to have a party tomorrow. I love to throw parties! I just can’t explain it. It is so much fun for me to come up with new cool things.. and then watch the smiling faces. This year for Christmas my only wish for a present was to have a Christmas party with all my friends and family!

We are going to do a pie exchange instead of a cookie walk (exchange), and we are doing a Yankee swap. I have also planned to make Christmas tree’s instead of gingerbread houses for the kids. I have a Christmas bingo game for the kids to play, and then we are going to of course have lots of yummy food!

I will of course post pictures later about that..

So what fun things have you been up to this Holiday season?

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