Friday, December 21, 2012

Almost a Boy Scout..





I haven’t done an update on Monkey Man, and his achievements as a Cub Scout much lately. So, I thought I would do a quick update!


He is still officially a Cub Scout, however not for much longer. He is finishing up his Weeblo 2, and should be crossing over to Boy Scouts in February.


He has been working hard on getting achievements and at our last pack meeting got 6 pins. Plus he has almost earned his “Arrow of Light”.  This years Blue & Gold will be a great one for him!





Also at our last pack meeting they got their patches for selling popcorn, and the boys who set a goal got to throw a whip cream pie in someone’s face. If they met their goal, they could throw it at any leader. If they didn’t met their goal they could throw it at a parent.

Well… Monkey Man was a few dollars from his goal. So guess what that meant? Yup, he got to throw it at a parent. Which meant he got to choose. Well, he choose me!!! Enjoy the pictures!



Monkey Man Brave




I will update again in February after Blue & Gold!

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