Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bic Soleil Savy Review:

I have to tell you, I think one of the biggest pains of being a woman is having to shave your legs! I’m a busy mom of 3, like I have time for that!!!

Upon receiving it, I ripped open the package and took it for a spin. Yup, I had used my last razor, and needed another one. I really liked this disposable razor. I’m pretty picky about my razors. I refuse to buy those fancy ones, cause you always spend way to much on blades. They always end up spending more on the blades than what you actually paid for the razor!

Here are some highlights about the razor:
  • Each package contains one disposable handle and 4 refillable cartridges.
  • The Razor’s handle includes a rubber grip
  • Triple-blade heads feature flexible blade technology and lubricating strips with Vitamin E
  • Pivoting heads are made to follow a woman’s contours and provide a super close shave
  • Available at most grocery stores, drug stores, and mass retailers.. for around $7.49

Here are some really good tips for shaving from Bic..
  1. Shave at night, it removes dead skin cells. So shaving at night allows your skin to recover and stregthen.
  2. Shave clean skin, this helps to prevent infection and bumps. Apply hot water before you shave, or shave after showering. Warm humidity increases skin elasticity and softens your hair, making it easier to shave.
  3. Apply shaving cream or gel. Its gentler to your skin than regular soap and can help lift hair. Lather the cream, then leave it on for a two minutes prior to shaving. Once your hair is softened the razor will glide more easily over the skin.
  4. Use a sharp blade. You should change your blades regularly, especially if you have sensitive skin. Shaving with a dull blade can result in red spots.

Now for the good news… I have coupons to giveaway! They don’t expired until December of this year.
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*Disclaimer: I received these coupons as part of the BzzAgent in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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