Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our summer is cranking right along…


Have you gotten a look at our Summer Bucket List lately? We have been knocking things off really fast this summer!


I had to go to the big city yesterday to pick up some awards and patches for my Girl Scout troop. We are having our end of the year BBQ this weekend. Since we were going two hours away anyway.. we decided to make a day of it.


What did we do you ask???!!

Headed to another State Park of course!!


First we stopped at Two Lighthouse State Park, and did some sight seeing. The kids looked for star fish, crabs, and whatever else they could come up with! I looked for some good photo’s to take!















Then we headed a half mile down the road, to Crescent Beach State Park. The kids got to take a swim, and play on the beach. They were super excited to play in the sand. The water was a bit cold in my opinion. Again I was just looking for some good photo’s to take!!!












Then today… the kids played, and did school at the park.. and then we went to see Smurf’s at the free movies. Took a pit stop at the playground and had some lunch. We are absolutely enjoying our summer! How about you??!



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