Friday, October 14, 2011

Tos Review: Visual Latin







So what is one of the biggest things you have difficulty teaching your kids when homeschooling???? I’m going to have to say mine is a Foreign Language. I’m always worried, I’m not pronouncing it correctly. Or am I teaching the right language, should I be using a different one.

Therefore, when I got the opportunity to review Visual Latin, I was super excited!! I had read about it many times, and wondered if it it would be suitable for my monkey boy. Would he take interest? Would he have difficulty learning it? So many questions were swirling through my head…

Visual Latin was developed by two fathers that had wives that homeschooled their children. One was a Latin Teacher and the other was a producer. Dwane Thomas taught Latin for 15 yrs. Thomas Purifoy Jr. is a producer and loves to create curriculum.

Our first lesson was a really big hit. I was so impressed with the way that my monkey boy responded. He was coming around to the idea.  Grandma also wanted to learn Latin, so he was excited that this was their class to do together. Smile 




Another great feature of Visual Latin is that they have free online resources, such as worksheets to go with their lessons. As well as flash cards, and vocabulary words to study. Tons of valuable information and help.


Visual Latin is designed for 9 yrs old and up.. Monkey Man was the only one officially using this curriculum, but a lot of times my younger ones were listening and watching as well. I have to agree that, that I really don’t think younger than 9 would be able to grasp it as well. However, my girls were trying really hard at times.



Visual Latin is broken down into Latin 1 & Latin 2. Each one has about 30 classes, so you could do one class a week, and it would stretch out for a year. If you want to use it as a High School credit you would have to do both Latin 1 & 2.

You can buy Visual Latin 1 Dvd format for $80.00 for all 30 lessons, or you can buy them 10 lessons at a time for $30.00 .  Or as a digital download for $25.00 for 10 lessons. Downloads can be watched on your computer PC, or Mac. Also on an Ipod, Ipad, or Iphone. Which makes them great for travel.



I thought they were very well done, he went slowly and explained things very well. Another feature I really liked is that each lesson is broken down in 3 parts, Grammar, Sentences, and Reading. Plus each section is only 7-8 minutes long.  Just the right length to keep my Monkey Mans attention. I really think this will be something we continue with in this house. He and Grandma are really loving this time to do something together!



Monkey Man’s thoughts:

“I really like it, cause he teaches you sentences. He says it in English then Latin, and again in Latin, then English. I REALLY liked it!”

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*We were given a dvd with the first 10 lessons in exchange for our honest opinion to share as part of the TOS Crew.


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Nice review! We liked the program here as well. Stopping by from the Crew.