Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tos Review: Always Ice Cream






Always Ice Cream is a website designed for girls ages 7-12. Where they motivate girls to learn.

Girls can design a character to look like them, and this is called their Minime. Then they can play educational games and earn Ice Cream Scoops.

The educational games they offer are in Language Arts, Math, Advanced Math, Science, Geography & History, Music & Arts, Computer Skills, Foreign Languages, Religious Education,


I’m not going to lie, my first impression was not a very favorable one. It didn’t look to educational to me. So, before I let my daughter on to play I decided to get on and venture around the site. After digging a little further in, I found that it wasn’t all bad. The games are great to get their minds going, and to engage them without it feeling like work. Who doesn’t like that right???

My daughter is 8, and I found these were right on level for her. The first things she wanted to try was the states.  She likes to see how well she knows them.


Then I had her try the typing, cause I have been trying to find a program to get her and my son on. I figured while I was searching this would be a great start for her..  It was not super hard, so it is something she can handle without getting frustrated (that is a big issue for us).  The idea is to push the correct letter before the ice cream goes off the counter. Each time they hit a wrong letter, their accuracy goes down.



This site also has some fun games to it. Such as Pet World, which is free. The other games are paid by ice cream scoops they collect.

Like many other online learning sites, Always Ice Cream also emails parents reports of progress. So you can make sure they are learning, and not just playing games.

Girls are also able to make new friends and chat with other girls on the site. Parents can choose what they want their girls to participate in. Always Ice Cream tries very hard to make sure the site stays safe though.



Dr. Johannes and Swenja Ziegler are co-founders of Always Ice Cream. Having daughters of their own, they decided to create this site to help other girls. They gathered information from girls that homeschooled, and went to traditional school. Then they assembled a team to help create Always Ice Cream!


How much does Always Ice Cream cost? Well it is $4.99 a month, or $29.99 a year. They also offer a lifetime membership. If you have more than one daughter, you would need to pay for extra memberships. Parent accounts are always free! The reason for these costs, is because they want to be able to keep Always Ice Cream free of ads.


In conclusion.. after spending some time on this site. I have changed my mind and think it is a very nice place. I would be more apt to spend the small cost for this site, then a gaming site for my child. I think that it has a nice mix of games, and education. Middle Monkey says that she thinks it is very fun, and she has learned a lot!


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*We received a membership to Always Ice Cream in exchange for our honest review for the TOS CREW.


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