Thursday, October 8, 2009

What happens when your kids horse around on the bus…..

My daughter gets off the bus with a grin yesterday…. and so we immediately knew something was up. We asked her and her response was “ I knocked Hunter’s tooth out”. Of course we had to laugh because…come on that is funny!  Mind you this was all an accident I guess they were playing in the seat and Rachel swung her arm, and BAM right into his mouth. His tooth has been loose for awhile, but has been stubborn coming out..guess this did the trick. He wasn’t to upset about it, cause he wanted to get a visit from the tooth fairy anyway…He is saving up money to buy a new Wii game and is only $4 dollars short.  NOTE:  The tooth fairy only gave him $2 so he is close.

another missing tooth 
Sorry for the bad quality..took it with my cell. Will replace with a better pictures soon.

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