Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rachel’s cake:


As I had stated in my previous post… the cost of cakes at the supermarket has just gotten ridiculous! When Rach asked for a $50 cake, I was thinking it was time to get thrifty in the kitchen. I already had a big set of tips for frosting cakes, so all I had to buy was the pan. Which I got on sale for $6!

My MIL has done some cake decorating, so due to my busy schedule I kinda just let her handle it this time. However, I do have all intentions of working on making the next one, with some guidance from her. Here is how it came out! I think it came out amazing!!! Thanks again Mom! :)

Rach's b-day cake3

Rach's b-day cake

Do you make your own or buy a cake???

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alwayshopeful said...

wow! good mine now for the grands next year? lol