Monday, October 19, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook:

For Today October 19th , 2009

Outside my window.... it is beautiful and cool. Perfect the low 70's. Reminds me of fall in Maine. We are really enjoying it. 

I am thinking.... tomorrow starts the start of a new schedule for us all, and it is going to take some getting used too. Early to raise, earlier to bed! Lol

From my imagination...Not much this week. Working on some alphabet stuff with Sage, getting her to learn her letters, and to write them. We are having fun with it. 

I am thankful for.... my friends. They are a great inspiration to me. I miss them lots, and hope they know how much I think of them.

From the kitchen... Something in the crockpot. Its a dance night, and that means no time to cook dinner. Need something quick, for when we get home. 

I am wearing..... surprisingly light weight pants, t-shirt, and my croc sandals of course! 

I am reading....  Lots, and lots of books! My most current read is Leaving Carolina by Tamara Leigh... Wait to you see my list of books read for Fall into Reading

I am hoping.....this week goes smoothly. Lots going on in the next few weeks. Getting very busy! 

I am creating... a happy home... Do you ever feel like you fail as a mom? I have been lately, and feel like my kids are not as happy as they could be. So I'm trying to work on getting the kids their one on one time, more... Not always an easy task, but trying. Any tips are always appreciated.

I am hearing....silence, everyone is at work, or school.... and Sage is watching cartoons as she wakes up this morning.

One of my favorite things....trips to the park. It is such a different experience just taking one kid to the park, instead of 3! We enjoy our trips, and like our time together, or spent with friend playing. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Rachel has dance, Cub Scouts Tuesday, library (no story hr this week) and then a time at the playground, lots of reading, fun with my kids, and then celebrating Rach's birthday at Build-a-bear (she is very excited)

A picture I am Sharing.…  A better picture of Hunter with his newest tooth missing! He is having fun trying to talk with this newest gap between the teeth! My little man is growing up!


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Berry Patch said...

I'm reading the same book! I'm liking it so far. I love how she uses words. We started a new schedule here a couple weeks ago. It's working so far for the most part.