Saturday, October 17, 2009

Today is my Best Friends Birthday,


actually more like a sister to me. We spent a good majority of our high school years together. She is a great inspiration to me, and when I just need to vent she is there. Even though, I moved 1600 miles away, its like she is still right next door. I love that, I can count on her on the worst of days, even if its just to listen to me cry or complain. She gets it!
I’m sad that she has been going through a lot right now in her own life, and I can’t be there to support her with hugs, and my actions. I do try to encourage her with my words, letters and cards… and I hope that I make a difference. She is an amazing person and deserves more than she gets most of the time, but she is blessed in lots of ways.
I hope she has a great birthday and knows how much I miss her and love her!

Happy Birthday Holly!!!

Holy & Silas

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The Eagen's said...

Awww, sweet! This made me cry. Thank you Sis! I love you and love our friendship. I am blessed because I have you as my best friend. Thank you for always being there for me, to help me celebrate, to listen to me complain, to let me cry and to let me scream when I need to vent.