Monday, October 26, 2009

Rachel’s Birthday Celebration:


This year we decided to do things a little bit different. Since we really are still new to the area, and don’t have our own house yet. Throwing a birthday party can me be way more stress, than fun. Who wants that when celebrating a birthday?? Not me! Plus being Rach’s first year in school, and only for a few months, she really hasn’t gotten the chance to make many friends.

Therefore, we thought it would be better to start a new tradition. Starting with Rachel, and she was excited about that. We decided that we would let the child decide what they wanted to do, and pick one friend to join us. That way they get some one on one time, and something special. This is also in place of a present. The day out is the present. Work in progress, but I think it will be a success.

Rachel decided to go to Build-a-bear workshop, and she wanted her friend Julie to join us. So we planned a girls day. Julie’s mom Cara, Rach & I would spend the afternoon at the mall. Allowing the girls to go to Build-a-bear, Claire’s, and me a quick stop at Yankee Candle. Then we would go out to dinner!

Rachel's Birthday Celebration at Build a bear!2

Cleaning off their bears

Me & Rach at Build-a-bear2

We had a blast and the girls were so excited. Rachel made the Autumn Bear (limited edition), and Julie got a bunny. I had some good coupons so we made out awesome! The girls got the animal, clothes, shoes, sunglasses, and bows. Then for Rachel’s present Julie & Cara got her a purse, necklace, and some rings. She thought she was all that, and then some.. It was rather cute.

Thinking their all grown up

After my quick stop at Yankee Candle, (another coupon) we headed out of the mall. On our way we stopped at a Kiosk, offering the girls a free opportunity. They got to paint some really cute puzzle (normally a ten dollar cost) for free. The girls love to be creative, so it was perfect for them. 

Julie's puzzle


Rachel's puzzle 

After the mall we went to The Olive Garden for dinner. The girls of course had Mac & Cheese. Rach devoured that and a bunch of breadsticks. Her face when they came out singing to her was so funny.

Listening to them Sing Happy Birthday to her

She made a wish….

Making a wish and blowing out the candle

and dug in! She loved the cake. It was really good! YUM!

She wanted to eat the whole thing

Delish Cake

Dinner was wonderful, then we stopped off at Toy’s R Us to let the kids look around, and show us some ideas for Christmas. (Cara & I are planning a girls day with no kids next) They gave us some wonderful ideas.

Then we headed home, after a perfect day! Couldn’t have really been any better.


Martha in PA said...

Sounds like fun. Did you go to FL Mall? Tara had her 1st grade birthday party there.. only we have a bunch of kids - CRAZY. One of the birthday's we enjoyed the most was spent at Magic Kingdom with just one friend and her parents after a great breakfast at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian. The big birthday party extravaganzas got out of hand!

Happy Belated Birthday Rachel!

katieb said...

i took my girl lucy to build a bear with her bff jessie .they both got bears and the same outfit and cutomised a little sound for each other .jessies a great singer so she recorded happybirthday.and jessies says" BFF and then she giggles .this year we are doing it again with jessie and milly her new bff