Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rachel lost her first tooth!


First I must say that this was absolutely unexpected which made it kinda funny! I had just been talking to my mom a few days before on the phone and said “Rach should be getting ready to lose her first tooth soon, Hunter had lost one by now hadn’t he??”

Then last night, the kids are laying down to watch a movie in the living room, Andy was putting laundry in the washer, and I was working on my Taco blog post. When all of the sudden I hear Rachel say “ My tooth just fell out” ….. I come out of the room, and kept saying did she just say she lost her tooth??? I was completely lost. She had NEVER said anything about it being loose…Nor had I noticed it being loose when helping her with brushing her teeth, nothing!!! So, I was a bit confused as I heard those words, but low and behold, indeed the teeth had fallen out! In our family tradition, here she is sporting her new look!

Now she is part of the missing tooth club!2 

She was beyond excited!


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