Saturday, October 17, 2009

Every other Friday at our house…


looks like this….

Hunter Playing Big fish, little fish2 
Hunter playing Big Fish, Little Fish!


Hunter looks like he is going to kick our butts
Hunter was blue, he thought he was going to win!

This was her I won YES

Then sage got the number she need (btw she is saying YES in this picture)

Sage made it home before any of us! 
To do this!!

Rachel was green2 
And Rachel was just having fun!

We have a family game night every other Friday, the opposite Friday's are movie nights. We make each one special with special snacks, and the kids each get to pick a game to play. We do them on Friday, so we don’t have to worry about bedtime. Much fun, for our family! When do you have game nights?? and how often??


Amanda said...

We used to do this but somehow got away from it. Thanks for the post; it has given me the nudge I needed to reinstitute it!

Stinson Family said...

We haven't started them yet our little one still is too young to understand. I love playing games it is a lot of fun!