Friday, October 9, 2009

Random Thoughts:


So I thought I would just write a post about some random things going on around our house….

  • As I posted here, Hunter just lost another tooth which makes this the 5th or 6th one he has lost.
  • Rachel’s birthday is coming up, so I am debating whether to make a Barbie cake like  THIS, or a carriage cake like THIS? Getting to expensive buying them, so I am moving on to making them.. Wish me luck! Which one do you like better??
  • My Anniversary is next Tuesday…Been 8 yrs, can’t afford to really do much, so we are thinking a movie and dinner, or something like that.
  • Halloween is fast approaching…we have our costumes, just not sure what we are doing yet. A church thing, or our neighborhood.
  • Campouts of Cub Scouts coming up
  • Fundraisers going on everywhere right now!
  • And to leave you with something funny today… I went to BJ’s yesterday to stock up and I had bought a 5lb tub of butter.. as most of you know they don’t bag things, so I stuck everything in my car. When we got home and unloaded it never dawned on me we didn’t put it away until today when we went looking for it. It had rolled under my center console between the two front seats and Sage and I missed it when bringing things in. After being in 90 to 115 degree weather all afternoon, evening, and this morning it was liquid form. So lesson learned, don’t forget to bring in the butter! Everyone is having a good laugh though, and I will probably never live this down!

Hope you all have a great weekend. For most it must be a long weekend.. Got any plans??

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Berry Patch said...

I love random posts. :-) As to the cakes - good luck! LOL I'm not much of a cake decorator. Thankfully my MIL IS though! She'll typically make the boys any cake they like for their birthday. I'm blessed with that! Have a great weekend. I'm going to relax & sleep in!