Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rachel turns 6


That really snuck up on us! Doesn’t it amaze you how you wait and wait 9 long months to meet that precious baby and then it seems like at the blink of an eye years have passed? I don’t get how it goes so quickly! She is a beautiful little girl! Here are some of the things she is up to this year:

  • Dancing Ballet & Tap
  • Learning lots at Kindergarten including a bunch of Spanish words.
  • becoming a great helper
  • learning to be a better sister
  • became a girl scout
  • get more stubborn by the year
  • almost equally as tall and weighs as much as her brother
  • becoming braver about things that used to scare her
  • learning to read!
  • just plain being a kid and enjoying every minute!
  • trying to learn to ride her bike with no training wheels!

Rachel is one of kind, and she shows it everyday. She is a fast learner, and quick to show you what she learns. She is loving dance this year, and making us very proud of her. Her hair is getting longer… and she is more beautiful everyday! We hope that she enjoys being 6 just as much as she did being 5!

Look at the beautiful smile


This year, for her birthday she enjoyed a girls day. Just her and I, went out with her friend Julie and her mom Cara (one of my new friends from here) to the mall. Where we went to Build-a-bear and made a new animal…. browsed the mall of course, and went to dinner. She really enjoyed just having mommy to herself and being with friends. She had a great time! Thanks again Julie and Cara for joining us!

Of course a birthday is not complete without cake. We made her a Ballerina Bear cake..Thanks again to my MIL for the help of the cake. Still working on getting better at that! After discovering our local grocery store wanted 50 bucks for that cake, I decided it was time to learn how to get creative! I purchased the pan and ingredients for less than half the cost of the cake!! I will post a picture of the cake, tomorrow. As we will be having it later tonight…

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! We love you!

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alwayshopeful said...

happy late birthday!
my daughter in law julie had my first granddughter may of 2008 and so enjoyed having a little baby doing baby things!Was no time that charlie mae decided she was a baby long enough! lol.at 5 months she started crawling and stepping at 8 months and in a few weeks she was walking..Julie would say ,,oh mae..please be a baby just a little while..but no..that was not charlies plan...Julie said maybe she just didnt like being a little girl at all..Now at 18 months you can not keep up with her..she has big plans for herself that no one knows but her and God... ;)

thanks for sharing her bday with us!