Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Part 2

Alright, as promised part 2... Today we started out our day rather slow and relaxed. When we got up Andy made us pancakes for breakfast. Then the kids went outside to play... While Andy and I just hung out in the house, relaxing and chillin out. Nice calm relaxed day.... comes far and few between. Later this afternoon we got ready to go to a friends house. We had made plans to go to Holly & Aaron's house for the evening. It was nice, cause Andy has stuff in common with Aaron. Upon arriving my children dove right in like they owned the place! This is what kids can do in 5 mins......
We had dinner there... Boy was it good! Pork chops, mashed potatoes, stuffing, peas, and carrots. So good!!! Thanks again Holly! I tired to help with dinner, but the baby started to cry so I picked him up and got him to fall asleep. Yes, I'm using the baby as an excuse! :)

After dinner we attempted to get the kids to pick up. Can I
tell you what a task that was. My kids hate to pick up no matter where we are... UGH! But man can they make a mess in seconds. I feel absoulutely horrible about the fact we left such a mess behind. We ran out of time, if we wanted to make it to see the fireworks in time. SO AGAIN.... Holly I am so so sorry! I owe you! Next time we will get together at my house..... LOL! :)

We made it to the fireworks just in time... They started the
m just as we parked. I was surprised to see how many people were at these. Norridgewock is a small town after all! They were at the local small airport.. Not a bad location for them actually. They even park people, so you can sit in your car and watch them if you want. My kids got out and stood in front of my car. They were very nice fireworks I must say... I mean for what I usually see! Andy captured a few I am going to share with you in moment. This is only the second time my girls have seen the fireworks, and I must say they weren't scared at all which surprised me. Poor Ryann, and Silas were a bit spooked by them I think.

There are just a few of my favorite shots. :) Andy did a good job getting them! Now I'm going to share a photo of the kids watching them.

I was trying to get a shot with my cell phone. I got a pretty good one, that is now my background on my phone.

The kids are wearing nice glow necklaces, that they got from Holly & Aaron... The kids say "Thanks" again. They love them. The girls hung them on their beds while they sleep! So, they could find them fast in the morning. :)

My last photo to share is of Holly, Silas and I! We haven't had a photo taken together for a long time. I was happy to get one tonight. We had a great time with our friends. I hope that we get together again soon......

So there you have Part 2 of the weekend. So far we have had a really great weekend. Spent together as a family and also with some great friends. I hope that tomorrow brings the same relaxing fun times. So, stay tuned for part 3.....

"Happy Labor Day Everyone"


Stinson Family said...

I love to watch the fireworks. Your dinner sounded great too! It is always fun to hang out with friends and have all the spouses getting along:)

The Eagen's said...

Oh, girl -- you are so silly! I told you not to worry about the mess. I am glad we made the fireworks in time for the kids to see them. That's the most important thing! We loved having you guys over and hope we can hang out with your family soon. Andy and Aaron seemed to hit it off. ;-)