Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Part 1

Over the course of the last week Andy has been cleaning up the front yard, which may I add has desperately needed it. Well in doing so, he decided to make a fire pit.... cause the kids love to toast marshmallows, and just sit around the fire, especially in the fall! :)

Saturday being the first part of our Labor Day Weekend, we weren't really sure what we wanted to do. Funds being low, and not a lot of options in the area. We started it out by picking up Rachel from my moms... she spent the night there on Friday night. We visited with them for a little while and discussed what we would like to can this year... My mom, and I like to can apple pie filling for the year.... in the fall. Plus we were talking about maybe some jelly this year, along with some pickles, cause mom has tons, and I mean tons of cucumbers this year!

Getting off subject... sorry! I like to ramble. After we left my mother's we came home, as we had a birthday party to attend for Autumn. Although, Rachel was cranky... (no doubt from her lack of said she was up before them) and Sage had fallen asleep in the car. She was feeling a little under the weather from Allergy's. We then decided since it had been a few weeks since we had been to the library... we would take the kids down, when Rachel could settle down a bit. Off we went to the little library in town.... Its small but quaint. We like it, and the kids just love going to get new books to read/have read to them. Hunter loves the Magic Tree House Series, and also found a new set The A to Z Mysteries that he enjoys. He and I take turns reading the pages, to increase his confindence in reading, and for us to enjoy time together. Rachel well, she likes anything princess of course, but is pretty open to hearing any good story. She even got a book to keep cause she qualified for some new program Governor Baldaci is doing with Kindergarten students state wide. (She would have been in Kindergarten, but her birthday is 12 days past the cut off) Sage's love for books is just as strong as the other two. She loves to get those books, that she can identify things in, or learn her ABC's.... This trip to the library we decided to get a few fall, and Halloween books for the upcoming season. Here you can see that they all had their special book they needed to carry to the car, and look at for the short drive home.

From the Library we made a couple of stops and headed back home. Once home of course the kids had to read some of their books they picked. Then they went outside to play while Andy made dinner. After dinner they went back outside, and Andy decided he wanted to go out and get the fireplace going. So.... I went out and sat on the porch and played with the Smilebox program a little bit. While the kids ran around like crazy people. Then we made some s'mores for the kids. Oh weren't they excited about that. They love marshmallow's!Sage enjoying that gooey mess!

Rachel got really messy! Even ended up with Marshmallow in her hair, and on her nose! Guess she was really enjoying it!

Hunter is the biggest S'more fan in our house! :) Yummy!!!!

After they finished with their marshmallow mess... We put out the fire, and cleaned up our mess. Came inside, and all sat down to watch a movie. We ended up watching Harry & the Henderson's. One of my favorite movies as a kid.... Hunter really enjoyed that one too. After the movie, they all headed to bed. We had a great first day to our Labor Day Weekend... Stay tuned for Sunday Part 2....


The Eagen's said...

Those S'mores look delicious! Andy did a great job with that firepit. Hope we are able to get up there soon to try it out.

Stinson Family said...

That is great that your children love books and to have a library so close. You day sounded great, Abby and I are going to have to make some s'mores when we come to Maine.