Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sage and her shoes!!!

Girls are always caught up in their dresses, cute clothes, and shoes.... Well a friend of ours just gave me some shoes for Sage that their daughter out grew. There was like 6 or so pairs in this box they gave me... Sage went through it and had to try on every pair... a few times! She loves to put shoes on, and off.. Harmless for the most part, except we always leave some laying around, and forget where we put them. Making it hard to find some one we need to leave. lol...

Anyway.. back to my story... She got these pink dress shoes that have some sparkles on them. She is addicted to them. She wears them every moment she gets, except when outside, cause mommy was mean and told her no wearing them outside! :) Sage likes to walk around in them, jump in them, and dance in them.... She is very cute, and silly. Last night she even decided to wear them to bed. Yes, I said she wore them to bed! Crazy girl!

Are you ready here... are her new shoes she is obbessed with! :)

Now you notice the choice of clothes that she is even wearing with them. :) Not dresses, just whatever she happens to have one for that day! So there you have it... her new pretty shoes! :)

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The Eagen's said...

Those are some great dancing shoes! Too cute!